The Hay Creek Watershed Association actively protects, preserves and restores Hay Creek and its watershed through advocacy, education, community involvement, and stewardship of the areas within or affecting the watershed.


Join the HCWA at its monthly meeting the third Wednesday of every month in the Mule Barn at Joanna Furnace on Furnace Road, 7:00 pm.




Announcing New HCWA Website


Please look at our newly designed website by clicking the link above...

Hit the Hay

8.4 Mile Trail Run

Sunday August 30, 2009

COURSE: The Hit the Hay Trail Run coursehad excellent reviews for its inaugural year and also some suggestions for improvement. We at the Hay Creek Watershed Association took the runner seriously and have enhanced certain aspects of the race to reflect these suggestions. We still throw in all the things that make a great trail run at you; rocks, roots, biting insects, prickly bushes, rabid squirrels, heinous uphills, steep descents, water crossings, downed trees and spider get the point. Save the date for this event!

AMENITIES: T-shirt to all Trail Run preregistrants and day of registrants while supplies last. Refreshments, snacks, toilet facilities and parking available.

ENTRY: For Trail Run; $25.00 if postmarked by August 12, 2008. Afterwards and day of race: $30.00

QUESTIONS?: Email: or call 610-404-4292.

Registration Forms will be available online starting May 1st, 2009.

Millard House Wishlist

Spring is finally here, that means a lot of work around the house...the Millard House! Here is a short list of things we need your help to take care of. Please let us know if you have anything to add/edit on the list, or if you are interested in taking the lead on an effort to address the issue. Thanks!


Trash hauling

Replace porch

Deal with burn pile

Need new drop electric line

research Clivus Multrum restrooms

Get donations from builders/builder suppliers (windows, lumber, ?)

Clip ivy

We need 11 new windows, double-paned

Clean up junk in back of house

dismantle garage

Brush clearing

Remove Norway maples from property (other invasives, too, if possible

Knock down privy, old tool shed and chicken coop

Get a security system

Regrade rock and dirt piles

Rebuild bridges!